Thursday, 24 May 2012

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Google Analytics announced yesterday a new set of improvements to the User Interface. According to the post:
“The primary goal of this update is to bring more attention to the things that matter — your data, and how you analyze it. We improved legibility of score card and table data, and refined our color palette to draw attention toward data instead of navigation elements.”
However, the official post does not provide a list of changes, which was significant. In adiscussion on Google+, I collected changes people have seen in the interface, below is a summary of the most noteworthy changes:
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The thumbnails were upgraded on sidebar and now occupy a more prominent place. My onlycritique is that the icon with a $ sign was used in the Advertising tab, while I believe it should have been used in the Conversions tab. Freud could explain that! Below are the new thumbnails, both on the Standard Reporting, Custom Reporting, and Home.

n an interview with Lucas Pettinati, Google Analytics Lead UX Designer, he shared insights on how those type of UI changes are made on the tool. According to him:
“The past couple of years have been about adding features to Analytics to make it a very feature rich product; in doing that there were a few things we put of. The focus for the next several months will be on quality, how can we better leverage the information that we get from our users about what they really need to do their jobs and impacting the interface like that.”



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